It took me  about 2 years to have this much of money,so what im gonna do with this money? im gonna give 1000 virtapay for anyone who signup at clicksense under my refferal link.. no joke im serious...i will be only giving 1000 vp  for anyone who listed  as my downline so make sure you use my refferal link when you signup at clicksense..

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follow the step below, 

step 2 check your email and confirm registration

step 3 login to your clixsense account and click at least 10 ads

step 4 request payment,

simple as can request payment by contacting me,the contact form is below...
*please provide your virtapay and clicksense username i will need your vp username to send the money and your clicksense username to make a confirmation you signed up under me....

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*And please be patient im doing all the payments manually...there is no reason for not paying you if you have done all the steps above correctly.

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