123 Image Magic

123 Image Magic
123 Image Magic | 13 MB
123 Image Magic is an amazing chroma key application that enables you to edit your green screen or blue screen images. Replace the background of any image with any sample or custom background image with 1- click. With 123 Image Magic, you can simply edit your image and upload it instantly to your Facebook and Picasa account. No need to depend on other image editing applications now!

• Green/Blue Background replacement: With 123 Image Magic, you can easily replace the green or blue background from your images. Remove green/blue background and insert any custom background as per choice.

• Custom Canvas size options: You can select the size of the final output image as per requirement. You can choose from various size options available in the application or add a custom size.

• In-Built Image Editing: 123 Image Magic lets you edit your images easily within the application. You can resize the image, crop it, rotate it or flip it. Also, you can change the position of any image easily over the canvas. No need to depend on any other image editing software for creating beautiful pictures now.

• Magazine Overlays: Get famous and impress your friends by placing your images on magazine covers. With amazing, in-built overlays, you can add your images on the cover page of magazine covers easily.

• Multiple Image adjustment options: You can easily adjust your images in 123 Image Magic with various image adjustment options. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation of the image. You can also adjust the red, green and clue balance of your image files.

• 1-Click sharing on FaceBook & Picasa: 123 Image Magic allows you to share your images with your friends easily. Upload your pictures directly to your FaceBook & Picasa account and share it with your family and friends.

• Direct Printing: You can easily print your images directly to the printer. Just select the image and printer and your images will be printed directly from the application.

• Burn CDs/DVDs: Store your images easily on CDs and DVDs. With 123 Image Magic, you can burn your images as well as other files to CD/DVD's instantly.



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