Wondershare TuneUp 360

Wondershare TuneUp 360
Wondershare TuneUp 360 | 5.2 MB
Losts of SLOW computers commonly are affected by various hidden Windows errors. They firstly become slow, and then freeze up now and then. One day they crash all of a sudden!

Typical Symptoms:
- Computer runs slowly;
- Takes very long time to start up the Windows;
- Often locks up and becomes unresponsive;
- Takes long time to run a program;
- Computer freezes up now and then;

- Instantly Fix Your Computer Errors by automatically diagnosing and fixing various system errors with intelligent TuneUp360 error knowledge base.
- Dramatically Speed Up Your Computer and Internet by fixing all issues slowing down your computer and internet and fine-tuning your system setting to maximum performance.
- Prevent Computer Freezes and Crashes by comprehensively fixing on various system errors, system conflict and mis-configuration.
- Protect Your Internet Security and Privacy by tuning-up your computer security strategy to close up backdoor that can be hijacked by virus, Trojan, and spyware.



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