Recovery Toolbox for PDF

Recovery Toolbox for PDF
Recovery Toolbox for PDF | 5.26 MB
Recovery Toolbox for PDF is intended for recovering data from damaged .pdf (Portable Document Format) files - the international standard of portable electronic documents. PDF Recovery Toolbox uses a highly efficient proprietary recovery engine, which enables users to restore most or all of the information from damaged PDF files that may appear irrecoverable for other tools.

The current version of the program can recover:
• Content of PDF files. You can recover text, graphics, hyperlinks and object forms used in the document.
• Fonts and other metadata. Fonts and other metadata are usually integrated into PDF documents for their correct rendering. The program is capable of restoring these data in the majority of cases depending on the extent or file corruption.
• PDF file parameters. PDF files contain information about their version and page sizes. If the recovery of page parameters is impossible, you can manually add such parameters as page size and orientation.
• Structure of PDF files. PDF documents contain tables of internal cross-links forming the document structure. If these tables are damaged, the document may end up being unreadable. The software is capable of restoring these data and links.

Recovery of pdf files consists of several stages:
• Selection of a damaged file
• Modification of program settings
• Analysis of document parameters, structure and content
• Selection of an output file
• Selection of the format of the output file
• Recovering data and saving the document
• Viewing the recovery report

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