CachemanXP 2.20

CachemanXP 2.20

CachemanXP 2.20 | 2.29 MB

CachemanXP is one of the apps that promise to boost your computer as much as possible and optimize caches, while also offering a pack of very useful system tweaks.

At the first glance, using CachemanXP may seem more like a nightmare, mostly due to the fact that the interface is full of numbers and figures, so it's pretty difficult to see which feature is which and where to click.

It takes a while to get used to its interface, but when you do, you will definitely enjoy CachemanXP's great tools.

Features are nicely organized in the main window on tabs, and the first you'll see when opening the program is the information one showing details regarding every single core of the CPU, free RAM and usage, paging file and process statistics.

In addition, there are also two settings, auto-recover RAM from inactive applications and postpone recovery on high system activity.

The Sticky Priority tab gives you the power to change process priorities for every single process and unfortunately, you'll have to do it completely manually, which means it could take a lot of time to complete the job.

The tweaks menu is the one that impressed the most during our test, as it comes with options to enable or disable autorun, font smoothing, NTFS last access update, Explorer network crawling, filename completion, Desktop Cleanup Wizard and many other features.

Recovering RAM can be done extremely easy either from the main interface or using the dedicated hotkey.

But in the end, does CachemanXP really work? Well, it could very well be the placebo effect, but we've received reports that the app doesn't improve computer performance in a significant manner.

So all in all, if you want to spend some money and you don't know how, buy a full license for CachemanXP. On the other hand, it's free to try, so give it a shot right now to see what it's up to.

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