Yoga for Pregnant Women

Wendy Tisdill - Yoga for Pregnant Women
Wendy Tisdill - Yoga for Pregnant Women
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This program is designed for expectant mothers. Yoga focuses on pregnant women because it is believed that through the improvement of women can raise the level of human development.

The objective of this program - to make the pregnancy passed without pain and discomfort, and delivery was easy. Special exercises and meditation can help to find harmony in this wonderful period of life. Yoga helps to get rid of inner tension, unloaded and strengthen your spine and give elasticity ligaments and joints, improve circulation, as well as lift your mood and improve overall health. The program was developed by Wendy Tisdill, an experienced teacher of Yoga with 25 years experience and a mother of three children. Program approved by the British company "British Wheel of Yoga" and is widely distributed in the UK. It will be interesting to both novices and professionals. Join the exploration of Yoga with Wendy Tisdill.



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