Skin Pack 1.0 for Windows 7

Skin Pack 1.0 for Windows 7 [x86/x64/2012]
Skin Pack 1.0 for Windows 7 [x86/x64/2012] | 70.8 MB
about: 2012 Skin Pack will help you feel fuller beginning of the New 2012! Each element of the interface changed your Windows 7 will recall that the festival is going on!

All are part of the package components are installed automatically, and your role in the installation process will be reduced only to run the installer appropriate bit (x86 or x64). After the installation will only restart Windows, and enjoy the changes in the updated design of the system.
Before installing the theme off User Account Control, and close all running programs. After the installation you must restart the system.
For quick and correct installation of 2012 Skin Pack must be removed (if they have been previously installed) or other other versions of packages to customize the interface (Skin Packs).

Supported OS:
- X86 (32Bit) - Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1
- For x64 (64Bit) - Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1
- Support for all locales

Program, which switches on in this topic:
- Resource Hacker 3.6 by angus johnson
- Moveex 1.0 by Alexander Frink
- Universal Theme Patcher by deepxw
- Win7BootUpdater v0 Beta 1 by jeff
- RocketDock 1.3.5 by PunkLabs icons by NOFX1994
- UberIcon 1.0.4 by PunkLabs
- Theme By tochpcru
- Icons by adni18
- Cursors by flinkan refresh by hameddanger
- Wallpapers by ravirajcoomar and cuberon
- Boot animation by icemetalpunk refresh by hameddanger
- Skin Pack Toolbar by bigseekpro

On the file:
Enabling | reg code: not required
Language: ML / Russian
File format: rar
Platform / OS: Windows 7

Download link:


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