Novosoft Handy Backup Professional

Novosoft Handy Backup Professional RePack

Novosoft Handy Backup Professional RePack | 14MB

Handy Backup - professional package for backing up files. Configured using the "master", ie easy and simple, can save by archiving data not only on local or network hard disk or floppy disk, but also on the FTP-server. Able to work on a schedule, compress files in the ZIP-archives that supports 128-bit encryption. Records including those on the DVD (in the distribution includes a program CopyToDVD). Now backup software Handy Backup allows you to back up data stored on servers, MS Exchange. The program will automatically find and copy all the most important data from MS Exchange server! Compatible with Windows Vista.

Program features:
-- archiving of data on a schedule, synchronization of files;
-- restore the entire backup and individual file;
-- Copy an entire hard disk including the operating system Windows, programs, settings and user data;
-- run as Windows service will be backed up even if the user is logged out;
-- Wide choice of carriers for a backup copy, including DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray, network drives, FTP and SFTP server;
-- ZIP archive, 128-bit encryption -- Password protection of data;
-- A report on the implementation of operations sent to the e-mail.

-- Create a hard disk
-- Backing up Windows
-- Simplified copying of files, folders, email, data and software settings, registry, Windows, Web Site
-- Find different types of documents using a filter: Word, Excel and other
-- Exclude temporal, system files,
-- Backing up to optical discs CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray
-- Built-in recording on DVD / Blu-Ray / HD DVD
-- The remote server via FTP / SFTP
-- Ability to copy to an online server
-- One-and two-way synchronization
-- Run as Windows service
-- Managing open files
-- Notification by e-mail
-- Backup with timestamps
-- Launch other programs before or after the execution of tasks
-- Turn off the computer after task
-- Run the tasks at the entrance / exit system
-- Checking the recording on optical discs
-- Automatic start of missed assignments
-- Granular recovery of files
-- Restore a directory different from the original
-- Multi-channel data
-- Ability to import / export settings
-- Recording process in a log file

Backup Features
-- Centralized backup of all corporate data can be manipulated from the server and transparent to the user workstations (running in service mode Windows)
-- Full or incremental backup of data servers and workstations
-- Back up all files and folders directly on the central server
-- Advanced backup ODBC-compliant databases stored on the server (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, FoxPro, MS Access, etc.)
-- Ability to backup MS Exchange Server and Lotus Notes as a network workstation, or on a central server
-- Creating an image workstation and server - backup of the disk including all partitions (primary, logical and extended) system and boot records
-- Selection for the backup files, Microsoft ® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., using a mask
-- Excluding temporal, system and other files from the backup set for using the filter

Control and monitoring functions
-- Backup schedule one or more machines at a designated time or in relation to the event
-- Implementation of missed scheduled tasks
-- Running other applications before or after backup operations
-- Checking the backup stored on CD / DVD / Blu-Ray / HD DVD
-- Split the backup into parts by volume of media CD / DVD / Blu-Ray / HD DVD
-- Notification by mail of the results of operations on the server and workstations

Recovery function

-- Restore data to any machine on the network by a team from the server
-- Restore the entire hard disk or separate partitions on the server
-- Remote distribution of files or disc images when restoring to multiple machines

Synchronization function
-- Synchronization of data between computers on a network

Features RePack-a:
* Installer cured
* Removed help file only
* The installer contains two versions (x86 and x64). When installing the capacity of the system is automatically detected and installed the appropriate version.

Novosoft Handy Backup Professional RePack


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