Corel Painter Portable (ML/ENG)

Corel Painter Portable (ML/ENG)

Corel Painter Portable (ML/ENG) | 140MB

Corel Painter - this is the ideal digital art studio for those ready to move beyond the familiar in the works. Now, with the latest tools for digital painting and realistic tools for Natural Media, you can realize the most daring ideas. An impressive set of brushes, paper textures, oil and watercolor, as well as many others will allow you to realize your creative ideas Painter! Thanks to extensive support for various file formats can continue to work on projects started in other graphic programs.

The most realistic digital painting
RealBristle ™ system is a huge step forward in the development of digital art: the drawing on the tablet recreates the feeling of working with real paint and canvas

Advanced tools for digital art
Exciting new tools "Kaleidoscope" and "mirror drawing" you can quickly create fascinating patterns on the canvas and color transitions preserving the symmetry and absolute accuracy. Tool "Kaleidoscope" is only available in Painter!

Designed for ease of
The new interface simplifies the selection of brushes, work with libraries, color management and image adjustment. High-quality images drawing allows us to consider even the smallest details of the picture.

A perfect complement other graphic programs and devices
With support for importing Photoshop files with them, you can easily work in Painter. When you convert Photoshop files into Painter colors and layers are preserved. Support for the latest Tablet Wacom ® gives the artist freedom of expression in creativity.

Main features of Corel Painter
- Mixing colors to get unique colors and shades;
- Set the brush shape with an interactive tool Brush Creator.
- Using Corel Painter 12, you can customize the finished brush using the Randomizer, to combine two hands using the Transposer or fine-tune the parameters by means of the brush Stroke Designer.
- Create simple sketches and drawings, using Sketch effect to digital photography;
- Watercolor painting with the aid of the Digital Watercolor;
- Corel Painter 12 includes more than 400 new brushes that simulate real-world tools for more than 30 artists, including acrylic paints, brushes, brushes, mixing paints, calligraphic pens, crayons, charcoal, colored pencils, pastels, erasers, markers, gouache, oil paint, and many other.

Virtual photo lab
-- Improved color recognition when importing Adobe ® Photoshop ®, and individual color profiles per document will make color reproduction more accurate.
-- Tools fotozhivopisi technology SmartStroke ™ will creatively transform reality.
-- Customizable surface texture gives your creatures personality and will achieve the level of detail that is not available with other means of digital painting and photography.

Education through Experiment
-- Using the tools of digital art you can experiment with color theory, composition and brush strokes without contact with toxic substances, disorder, and costs that are inevitable when working with traditional materials.
-- New management tools «Hard Media» give the artist an opportunity to experiment over and over again, achieving the desired result.
-- «Smart" tools to create songs such as "The Golden Section» (Divine Proportion), «The Rule of Thirds» (Rule of Thirds) and "Rule of fifth» (Rule of Fifths) to help you organize the space of the canvas, the composition of your picture was flawless .

Information about the program:
Year: 2012
Off. website:
Platform: Windows ® XP/Vista/7
Language: Multilingual
Corel Painter Portable (ML/ENG)


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